The Real Deal (Trailer)

Created to make Ignatian Spirituality real and relevant for today’s youth, THE REAL DEAL is a dramatic narrative that expresses the Spiritual Exercises for young people in an original, authentic and accessible way. 

THE REAL DEAL is the story of 17-year-old Mouse Mussendon, a misfit senior at a posh, private high school in Los Angeles. One spring day, with graduation just weeks away and Mouse overwhelmed by the choices she faces in her future, the country is crippled by a complete communications shut-down. All phone, Internet, and TV communications are hijacked by cryptic messages from “The Real Deal”, messages that reveal shocking statistics on the actual condition of the world today. Mouse becomes inexplicably hooked by the messages, and she searches to uncover the truth behind The Real Deal.

THE REAL DEAL follows multiple story lines as Mouse and her classmates, parents, teachers and their spouses respond (or choose not to respond) to The Real Deal.

The DVD of THE REAL DEAL is available for purchase with a TEACHERS’S GUIDE that includes a full curriculum. For more information call 310-815-8542.

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